Saturday, August 18, 2012

Some charge nurse

So we had a really rough day right before our weekend off was about to start.  Remember me telling you about the lazy charge.  The one we have been dealing with for months.  Well he went from lazy to full fledge asshole.  We had a patient that was being coded for over 3 hours.  She would die and we would bring her back on and off.  She looked like crap when she came and progressively got worse.  I was unable to get a line in her so the Dr called the charge to come help.  He is really good at getting lines in.  In fact I dub him the “vein” whisperer. 
When she crashed the first time I was triage one out in triage.  One of the other nurses was triaging a shortness of breath from the EMS.  The code was called and the Nurse K asked me to finish the triage in the room because her o2 sats were 80%.  I just finished triaging the abdominal pain.  But as soon as I started to head back I got a pediatric shortness of breath.  I had to do a scan “triage”  He wasn’t blue, he was labored breathing or showing signs of distress.  I did a quick o2 monitor and it read 98%.  So I told them I would be back that we had a crisis in the back.  I went and finished the elderly lady’s triage.  Put her on o2 and got a line and blood sent.  They were done coding the other patient and Nurse K asked what she could do.  So I sent her to get the pediatric patient.  I think got a chest pain patient and was triaging them, when the other patient coded again.  I was didn’t need to go because there were 3 other nurses in the code. 
This is how crazy the night was…we also had a Altered Mental Status and a few minor things.  There was a total of 5 nurses and 1 doctor and one Tech.  So we were all busy.  The family decided not to code the next time her heart stopped.  I never mentioned to him that it was pass his time to do triage.  I waited till the patient expired and he was done charting. 
Then when we got the next triage I told him it was his turn.  Because we all had done triage tonight but him.  He turn and said I had a critical patient.  Me being the smart ass I am stated “Um you use that excuse alot.”  He then comment that maybe if we could learn to work a code or didn’t have to call on him every time a critical patient came in he could do triage.  I was shocked.  Not angry but hurt.  He made me feel like I was an incompetent nurse.  That I had no idea what I was doing.  I said forget it I will get the triage.  I almost cried while out in triage.  I have never felt so sorry for myself in a long time.  I know I ask for his help or his suggestions but that’s because he is charge and a season nurse.  I always listen to what he suggests.  I thought that’s what a charge nurse was all about.  To support you and teach you?  Am I wrong?  If he felt like we were all slacking in our job when it came to a sick patient then why didn’t he take us under his wing and teach us?  I have never felt so bad at work…not since I first graduated as an RN.
What a prick.  I let him get under my skin.  I let him make me cry all the way home in the car.  He is our leader…wth   This was the first time I really wanted to quit my job.  To look at him and say Fuck you I quit…but I was at least smart enough to keep my mouth shut…probably the reason I cried.  If I can’t cuss and carry on then I break down and cry.  Yea I know it sounds a tad mental.  I shall leave you with my leader quotes I posted…not that he will think it pertains to him.  Since his head is so far up his ass.
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Azmomo2 said...

Sounds like you just had a stressful shift and took an innocent comment to heart, where you wouldn't have previously. You have been under ALOT of stress with the house and didn't need his attitude. You are a awesome and he is lazy, and you are right as a charge when shit hits the fan you are supposed to rely on him, that is part of his job description, if you feel like you can't then he isn't doing his job correctly, not the other way around. It may be time to go over his head with your concerns... at least make sure you make a list of incidents or concerns that you can address with his supervisor. ((((BIG HUG)))) rub some dirt on it and get back out there :-)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I just got in trouble writing an email to the head of credit at my company. I basically told her to fuck herself and leave me alone. I awoke to an email from my VP asking for a meeting. Our HQ is 2 hour away. So I wrote an apology to her, her boss and the entire world. Then I emailed and said I was on vay-kay this week so no meeting. But then I told him about my apology, then forwarded it and he wrote back that "I got it." He put the meeting off for awhile. I am too smart to start all this shit. Obviously, so are you. Good luck. I always enjoy your posts. I read more than I comment, but I do read 'em...

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Attitude reflects leadership.

Quote douchebag that and leave him wondering what you mean.

It's time to take this higher IMHO.


Leeanna Henderson said...

So sorry you had a bad night sweetie. I had something similar happen to me. Just bide your time, don't do anything stupid and remember good things come to those who wait. When I had the same problem I waited. Evaluations of those over you come around and if I'm right they are still anonymous. I got my chance that way.