Friday, August 17, 2012

Hooters: tmi

So at least once a month the crew tries to get together and have a meal together.  Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.  This time it was time to go to Hooters.  Now mind you I would never think I would ever set my feet inside this place full of boobs.  However this is my 3rd trip and they do have some of the best boneless wings.  Even better than Buffalo wild wings.  Though I still love buffalo wild wings fried pickles better.  So we went out and had a blast.  Last time I wanted to ask the waitress if we could have a different waitress since she was boobless.  Yea yea I know that’s mean.  But hey it’s hooters.  Not look like an 8yr old boy place.  This go round we had our ER tech with us.  This is a guy that wants to share WAY to much information when he has had a few to many.  Or any at all…  He asked questions like where was the wildest place you had sex, have you had a 3some and other blah blah stuff.  Who the hell really needs to hear this trash.  Especially since you have to work with these people.  Do you really think I am going to air out my dirty laundry so my coworker will know all.  I think not.  I also wonder if he is just feeling out to see who the work ho is so he can make his move.  BLARG.  No thanks I don’t want to play this game…TAXI

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