Wednesday, August 15, 2012

House of Horror: Bucket Bullshit

Okay so I have been posting forever about this house that we have finally signed for.  The asshole in front of us (man’s uncle) decided that he wasn’t happy that when we had our land survey he didn’t own as much as he thought.  So he has been an ass  click here to see more.  So the in-laws go on vacation.  The asshole stalker neighbor decides to put a bucket in the drive.  I discover this on my way home from work after working 12 hours of night shift and running into it.  I was not a happy camper.  Here’s a pic 413303_4335590103026_1425331761_o  His land is the grass on the (L) and my in-laws are on the right. This is our right of way.  So guess who is stopping by that day?  The Graders.  Just what I need is for the construction workers to be unable to get there huge equipment up to the new land.  I have had enough.  I call the law and they send a deputy out.  I receive a call back on my answering machine, since I was sleeping, that we would not have any more property disputes.  Needless to say the bucket moved to the grassy part of his land.  Which is fine with me.  He also refrained from standing outside to stalk the construction workers.  Guess it helped to mention about him cussing out the surveyor.  Stupid asshole.


Martina said...

All that alcohol he drinks has made him stupid. At least you have your house now and you can put some trees up to block your view of him.

suzanne smith said...

My house looks over his house now and I can see the mountains. Plus I don't have to look at his man boobs while he is in the garden