Thursday, August 16, 2012

House Horror: Man style

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Even though we have signed and I still never though my husband would get on board with purchasing a house.  He was worried constantly about can we afford it?  Now that he is on board he is sucking all the fun out of this new adventure.   He has shown me at least 5 times how he plans on laying out the dog kennels and fencing.  And asking each time what do I think.  Which I learned the hard way isn’t anything he wants to hear.  I mentioned that it appeared a lot smaller than they had with the old home.  Which set him off for 2 days.  We fought over the location of the bedroom furniture.  He want nothing to cover the vents.  Which makes sense but why would I want half his stuff on my side of the room and my stuff on his side?  Makes no sense to jumble everything around to make it “fit” if it’s not functional either.  Another fight for 2 days.  Also he wasn’t happy that I wasn’t going to be awake when the grader showed up.  Hello I work nights.  What’s the difference he was at work when he showed up.  It’s like working night shift doesn’t count.  I can just sleep whenever.  WTF.  He has bitched about the location of the Dish network lines and the internet lines…blah blah blah.
What’s even weirder he just stands in the yard and stares at the house.  Even the neighbor called to ask what he was doing.  At least he is excited to help pack and take things down.  Like the under pinning, the flower garden and the fence.  Problem is he is too excited.  He tried to take the fence down weeks too early.  Hello how do you want to potty 7 dogs?  No thanks.  He just thinks he can leave them kenneled till then.  NOPE.  How would you like to stay out there with them.  He helped take things off the wall…including the kids towel rack.  Um they said it would be at least 4 weeks till we move in.  Um where are they suppose to hang the towels till then?  He also packed a lot of his clothes.  Almost too many.  I had to stop him from packing too much.  I asked him how often did he expect me to do laundry?  UGH!   I am so ready for this house to be done with!

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Martina said...

Your man is weird. lol