Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grinds my Gears: Lazy Charge

So we have a charge nurse that really was good at his job.  He applied to flight nursing and was declined due to his weight.  He is about 70 lbs. over weight.  Yes this job can do this.  Why?  Because you are in a helicopter which can only allow a certain amount of weight on board.  You never know what size your patient is going to be so they can help manage the weight by controlling how much the nurse and paramedic weigh.  Anyway ever since he was unable to get his dream job he has really slacked off.  I mean he literally sits around and plays on his phone, looks at car parts on eBay or house shops online.  Even during the busiest times of the night.  This really irks me.  What irks me more is that he has been schedule to do triage and he find every opportunity to avoid it.  His main excuse was that he is bad luck in triage.  If he goes out there 10 more sign in.  Well that’s changed now I am the black cloud of triage.  In fact one doctor will ask me when am I scheduled for triage in hopes he will be gone before that.  It’s not like I get backed up.  They just seem to all load off a bus or something.  Anyway besides the laziness he is trying to take most of the credit.  He will sit there all night plugging in the vital signs from the monitor and checking our charts.  He does help catch mistakes.  He then “knows” the patients yet he never set foot in the room.  When day shift comes in he rattles off report like he actually did something.  This seriously pisses me off.  He is a great guy outside of work.  We all figured he was burnt out and upset about the job loss.  However this has been going on for MONTHS now.  I really don’t want to rat him out. Because I don’t want to make it worse.  So do I confront him or go straight to the boss?  I am not the only one that has seen this.


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Talk to him first. It is the right thing to do . Then, if his head is still firmly up his ass, take it higher. I wouldn't take that shit from anyone and neither should you. Besides, if he gets angry it's not like he could chase you down or anything. He'd get too winded lol.


Martina said...

Talk to him. He could be depressed about not getting the other job. Some people hang on to things like that for a long time.

suzanne smith said...

Lol TZG. I would talk to him but he is very arrogant. I am afraid that it might back fire and make my job worse