Thursday, August 2, 2012

House, Horrors and Stupid Insane Stalkers

Well It's finally official.  WE HAVE SIGNED!!!  yes I can't believe it either.  I still think I am in shock.  We are officially homeowners.  No longer a tin can owner...yippee.  All that hard work and schooling has finally paid off.  The grader comes today...

Which slides me into the HORROR...when the contractor stopped by the last time the crazy neighbor came barreling out of his house to yell and carry on.  Tell him that no one better touch his land...blah blah blah. See here for whole story click here.  So I wonder if this is going to happen all over again when the grader shows up.  I really hope not.  I don't have the patience today.  In fact I may have to put up a pay pal icon to help with bail money.  I really think he is stalking us.

He spends his time on his back porch watching us if we are outside.  So I think we need to get our chairs and face him at his garden while he is out there...give him a complex...ugh


Martina said...

Well just think, soon you won't be as close to his crazy ass as you are now. I'd put some nice big trees up to block his view of the new house or a fence.

suzanne smith said...

That sounds fantastic!...maybe some bushes. That would great. I might just have to talk to the man and see what he thinks.