Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Gobble Gobble day.

So I thought I would wish my readers a wonderful thanksgiving.  Please pray for me as I embark on my annual in law get together.  Last year I lucked out and had to work.  Though I heard it was drama free.  Never fails the ex sister in law send her current husband’s kid to our family get together.  Who the heck sends their step kids to their ex’s house?  Messed up ones.  But any way.  I wanted to share some funny pics I found relating to Thanksgiving and the dreaded black Friday.  Are any of you trekking out to the stores on this crazy shopping day?  I did one year.  Words of advice don’t wear a coat no matter how cold it’s outside.  Because it 100 degrees in the store and of course you can’t have a buggy because that will just slow you down.  So hauling everything in your arms with a thick hot winter coat and starving half to death will just guarantee that you will pass out.  Not a good thing since you may get trampled and picked over by the vultures that are hoping you might drop that last pair of hot pink fuzzy pj pants that you got for your niece.  You know they want to wear that next year to Wal-Mart.  I will be sleeping as everyone else runs around trying to get that last lala loopsy crazy hair doll.   I will be working that night in the ER.  I can help stitch and supple crutches to the winner of the next new toy.So hope everyone has a drama free thanksgiving.


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Ann Worthington said...

I don't get the whole thing with the kid either. The family is fooked up.
As for black Friday, I shall be at home. I worked in retail so I know better than to go out on that day.