Sunday, December 4, 2011

Learning how to dress yourself part 2

As mentioned before in many of my watching people posts the pj people annoy the crap out of me.  Yet they are not the only fashion freaks out there.  I was out to eat with the youngest when a girl came in with a tee shirt, yoga pants and pink fuzzy slippers.  In the same place there was a lady with black leggings and cheetah print slippers with fuzzy balls on them.  Can we not afford shoes anymore?  You know as well as I do that they are not water proof.  Yet this people were out in the rain in these shoes.  I have slippers and even though they maybe comfortable indoors they are not equipped to be worn outdoors.  For many reasons!  Besides the weather wear they are not supportive of your feet.  That is one of the reasons I would love to tell my patients who sprain or break their leg because they tripped in their own shoes.
One of the other group of people who should be arrested by the fashion police is allowing your kids to dress themselves.  I mean if they are 2-3 by all means avoid that temper tantrum.  Mine left the house in a princess outfit.  But to allow your 8 year old to dress like a hoochie is down right embarrassing.  They should not be wearing animal print leggings with a black skirt and “Pretty Woman” hooker boots. Khloe Kardashian is far from a Pretty Woman as she steps out in unflattering thigh-high boots 14 People wonder why their kids get abducted.
How about the fact it’s 40 degrees and they bring their boy and  is wearing shorts.  Really?  Or the poor baby Dressed in a onesie with a blanket.  GRR. 
Not saying that I am dressed to the T ever time I go out.  I don’t care if you go out in your sweatpants.  Just leave the house outfits at home.  Learn to dress your kids too.  If you are wearing sweatshirt and a winter coat they should not be wearing summer outfits.  Just saying..


Thatgirl said...

I took my kids out to eat last week and it was in the 50s here. There was a family with a 2 year wearing a shirt, a coat and a diaper. Pants are an important part of clothing... people need to wear pants.

Ann Worthington said...

Who the hell wears slippers outside of the house anyway? People are weird indeed.

NurseNightmare said...
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