Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sanford and Son’s?

Here is another tale from
Okay so my father-in-law is like the biggest pack rat that I have ever met. He actually built building to put crap in it just like in this pic I found on photobucket.

Anyway…my hubby sometimes has this same affliction of saving junk because I just might need that. I don’t mess in his building…that is his place. The yard and the house is mine. If you haven’t used it with the year you really don’t need it. My in-law has tires from our vehicles and many others from the family. He is also a landlord and he keeps junk that people that don’t take with him. The point of this is my hubby was redneck creating…taking old flower pots and turning them into hanging baskets…when I asked where did you get the pots? Oh dad collects all the pots from his tenants and puts them in the corncrib…said I could have as many as I wanted…sad part is…i was afraid to ask just how many are in there. To tell you how much laying around stuff he has. My husband built the front porch roof with leftover pieces of tin that was laying around…part of the dog pens are made from leftovers.
My hubby I swear should get an award for rednecking inventions too…he can take junk and make it functional…to bad his dad didn’t acquire that talent too…I really don’t think anyone is going to use that toilet that he has lying outside for anything. Then again there is this neighbor that made a flower pot out of one…so who knows lol..

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