Friday, May 1, 2009

Stupidity….There is no Vaccine

Sometimes I wonder just how some people survive in this world. How they get up in the morning and even get dressed without hurting themselves. Well apparently my nursing advisor is one of these people. Yes I did get in and I even swallowed my pride and thanked him for helping me get in. So I asked are there any other classes that I have to complete before my bridge class? Oh no you can take the health assessment class in the fall with the 2nd year nursing classes. Great I said. That was it or so I thought. Got a call today. The is your nursing advisor. Have you signed up for the bridge program yet? I replied no because the letter I received said you will be unable to sign up for Nsg classes until A &P is completed. Which I know I have because all I have left is the Exam and I would have to bomb it not to pass. “ Oh no you can sign up. Oh Dear and I noticed that you need the math and Health assessment,” she stated. Uh okay…i thought i didn’t have to have that until fall. “No you have to have it before…I hope they aren’t filled up yet,”she stated. Great just great to get in and now i have to hope there is a class opening. what kind of crap is this. Okay make a long story short…I have dosage calculations (online May-Jun) and Health Assessment (May-Jul Mon and Wed 8-1230) and then Bridge (July-Aug Mon and Wed 130-530)
Which one of you are going to tell my mom I am not coming home in the Summer?
000179 hmm…maybe i won’t have to put up with the advisor for long lol

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