Thursday, January 27, 2011

Team Nursing

parking-nurses Okay so we had our first team nursing clinical day. Instead of having one patient and doing everything for them you have 5 patients and 3 roles. One is the Charge nurse (RN) one the med nurse (LPN) and one the PCT (CNA). So i got to be the charge nurse the first round. I don’t know if it’s because I am an LPN and she figured it would be the easiest for me or what. The paper work the night before sucked. But the actual day at clinicals wasn’t too bad. The main reason they do this is so that you learn how to juggle and prioritize. I didn’t do to bad i forgot a few things. My med nurse did a great job. As for the PCT…I seriously missed my CNA’s at work. First my PCT whined about going to hurl if anyone pooped. Hello your going to be a nurse you have to have a strong stomach. Then my patients rooms were a disaster for example: trashcans in the middle of the room, wash rags in the sink that were dirty from bathing, beds in shambles, patients at the bottom of the bed. Everyone's draw sheets were up around their neck. She did turn the bedfast patients. Charted the vitals. But she only had 5 and 3 of them were bathed already. Vital signs weren’t due till 10 so what did she do from 7 till 10? I had to change 2 beds that were soaked with piss. I know this is a learning experience but they should have learned basic CNA skills during first year. Hell the teacher I had for LPN school would put her face near their privates and make you redo pericare if it didn’t look But I can now see why the RN’s in this area (this area fellow RN’s) won’t help the CNA’s change or do the dirty work. But working in a nursing home you get use to wiping ass and then eating a cheeseburger. lol Well i may eat my words when it my turn, but then again at my place I have had 18 patients, when I have to be a CNA because there are too many LPN’s and not enough aids.
Well my day went well and I believe I did pretty good…hey I didn’t kill anyone…that definitely a plus right? lol

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