Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blue tube

ah yes the wonderful, lovable, redneck man in my life. So we upgraded to a pair of droid x phones. And like in my previous posts of trying to teach my man about the wonderful world of technology I feel like I am in an episode of twilight zone. It’s great that he thinks that I have vast knowledge in all that is techno..which I don’t. But when something goes wrong with the phone I am suppose to know what it is and how to fix it. I am glad we got these on my 3 day weekend. I am learning pretty well how to use it. Some glitches along the way. Like I don’t like the fact that it imports all contacts from twitter, fb and phone contacts. It makes my phone book go from 25 to 250. Not fun to scroll thru. So I had to learn how to reorganize them. I have also learned that most things electronic come with shitty instructions and you better know how to surf the net for forums for help. Yea like I could ever see him doing that. Considering he can’t even do the bills. So I learn then try to make it easier for him to understand. (don’t say dumb it down…it offends him which causes mass cussing) Let’s just say I have had 2 migraines caused by him and technology. I would teach him only to have the same questions 2 hours later…grrr I swear I felt like I was beating my head against the wall. He was looking at pictures on someone's wall on fb only to accidently comment in a status update. Causing people to say huh? He couldn’t understand he has an email. text messaging and Facebook. Which are not interchangeable! Kill me…but then he actually got on the phone and called our phone carrier about issues with the network extender box. ALL BY HIMSELF. Finally he understood that sometimes you have to learn on your own. He was so happy that his phone was working he was watching a video on his phone. I asked him what are you watching…oh those videos on blue tube…I just shook my head and grin. Got to love my redneck

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