Sunday, January 9, 2011

Addictions: Gadgets

So some of the gadgets in my life I just love…hey I am a electronic junkie.
ah my Dsxl…bigger and better…for those old people that don’t mind having a bigger screen. Bigger is always better!! lol
My droid…does the same as the IPhone but half the price..who doesn’t love that?

My DVD player..that can play my next dvd of the twilight series…not to mention my Supernatural collection…ah the love of the supernatural creatures.
for the lazy people that don’t want to go to the gym..if you can get over the uhhh noise it makes when it weighs you…hey what a motivator right>??? plus its fun as hell
One of my new found loves... I never thought I would like this since I love the feel and smell of a new book. But its so convenient and I love when I finish a book of the series I can purchase the next book in 30 seconds instead of driving 35 miles away. They could improve the free books…but nothing good is ever free anyway.
Last but not least is…Apple-iPod-touch-64GB-1
My IPOD touch..the newest addiction/addition to my electronics…hello angry birds and zombie farm is enough to get addicted. I can rip my DVD’s from home and put them on there for my entertainment. The music isn’t as easy to look thru as my Zune but it has awesome gadgets that attach to it for the house. Like a boom box that has awesome speakers. I love the apps…the camera sucks they could have just left that off…but it came with it. Its slim fitting better than my droid making it great for my pocket at work…were I can update my fb, check out my tweets and always have epocrates when I need to look up an unfamiliar drug. So that my Electronic meme…what’s yours??

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