Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jump aboard the crazy train

Good grief. I swear the last 3 days of work have almost killed me. I hate midshift. Hate it! You come in running and leave still running. I could actually say that most of the patients that I have taken care of were actually sick. I think we were all running around with our head cut off. I got to see my first GI bleed. Got to put an NG tube down his nose to help suck out all the blood. But the poor thing was throwing up blood faster than we could get tube down. Had to have some assistance. It was amazing just how busy it can get. There was no time really to help each other because everyone was drowing. All of the rooms were full with 14 in waiting. Doctors barking out orders and nurses tempers flaring. I would no longer stick a patient, send the blood off, get them to pee in a cup, push meds. I was doing it all over again. Or admitting patients only to get chewed out by ICU nurses that were pissed because I was bringing them another patient. Why they think I just spend my day planning on ways to make their suck is beyond me. I don’t admit them…the doctor does. I just deliver them where they are suppose to go. I never could understand why ICU nurses and ER nurses can’t get along but I swear the more nice I try to be the more I get bitch at sheesh. I am really glad that I have the next few days off. I need to recuperate and get my shoulder to stop aching.

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