Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I really have married a redneck man. My man wanted me to use my email for some crap that he might win. I told him that I didn’t want spam to my email so I create him an email. Well while I was on Facebook he asked me if I he got any thing yet. I said huh? You know on Facebook? No Hun I made you a email account. I know do I have anything yet. I had to explain to him that I made him an email not a Facebook account. So I made him a Facebook account. Well a couple days later he asked if he got any calls. I told him no one had called the house for him. No on Facebook he stated. Um calls? you know from people. Oh you mean messages? Yea whatever...
I had to explain to him that he needed to add friends. Then he asked about he emails. I told him he would have to give his friends his email so that others will email him. I guess he thought poof everyone knows he is on the internet now…lol
then days later when I was making fun of him cause his status still mentioned dreading Christmas and it was weeks passed it. He had my oldest show him how to log on. Then tried to have her update his status. He put hell was finally over. He tried to get the oldest to type it…lol She was telling him no way daddy that’s a bad word…*giggle got to love him!

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