Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 lbs lighter

Okay so I have lost 10 and gained back 2. But I am praying it’s the exercise of the biggest loser Wii and Zumba Wii. Aw Wii workouts. I am not sure if its any worse than having a personal trainer. Then again I saved a bushel with the Wii BUT…
If I have to hear Julian tell me she is sweating or out of breath I swear I am going to throw my Wii remote at the TV. Of course my daughter finds it funny cause she can hear me cussing at the TV that she isn’t effin real and shut the hell up. Like how the hell are they out of breath they are not even real. As for the Zumba really? People do this out in public? I remember my mom and I doing sweating to the oldies at home when I was a kid. I am so not coordinated. There is no way in hell would I ever do this out in public. If you haven’t seen the infomercials on cable or dish you must not watch much TV. It’s the new fad of video workout. Latin music set to a workout. Supposedly you can’t tell your exercising because your dancing. PFFT! If your really that oblivious you need help. I was huffing and puffing halfway thru bitching are we done yet? I still do like it better than biggest loser cause its not yelling at you not to give
It is fun if you don’t care that you can’t actually do the steps. The training section is a joke. If the remote even feels your hips moving it says great job even though I know for a fact my step were way off. So its skips to adding the next step. So I skipped the learning section and started the beginners section. I can either to the hands and hips or hands and feet. But all three I almost throw things out of socket. Hopefully I will catch on…lol
here is a video of Zumba so you can see the steps

So the good new is…my new jeans are falling off me. So I had to get new new jeans. Went from a 13 to a 9/10 hot dog…hell with the actually weight numbers. If the inches fall off I don’t give a ferrets anus. Well that’s my update on the fat front…till next time…kiddies remember…I love this carrot stick I love this carrot stick I will be thin I will be thin…lol

Weight loss tip of moment: replace lip gloss with super glue lip gloss…

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