Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is my Brain...

This my brain:egg

This is my brain on Nursing school: eggpan

Yes I know your fried and I am getting older but i am just 33 so please stop crapping out on me.
I really hate that you:

  1. Cause me to look like a complete idiot in the Wal-mart parking lot looking for where i parked my car…10 mins later finding it 4 isles over from where I was.
  2. Cause me to blank out and forget to take that 5 point quiz 2 mins after it closed online.
  3. Cause me to be dyslexic when I type…and have to back space constantly
  4. Cause me to drive my car to work when I was suppose to be heading to school
  5. Cause me to wake up in the morning wondering why my alarm is going off at 5am when I swear i don’t have class till 9…and i was suppose to be up at 5am…crap, thank God I figured that one out before I missed clinicals.
  6. For causing me to be sooo tired that all I want to do is Farm on Farmville because that’s all the brain cell power I have…how sad…btw anyone need a neighbor add my arse on your FB!!
  7. Cause me to lock myself out of my work locker.
  8. Cause me to forget to chart important stuff till I get home and lay down to sleep…thanks
  9. Cause me to have blogger writers block and cause me to write about my brain…how sad…

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