Monday, October 15, 2012

What is wrong with me?

I could blame the house but I won’t.  I have let Halloween pass by me this year. SHAME ON ME.  I usually take the day off and spend it with my kids.  But with the time off I took for my back, the house and my mom coming to visit last weekend I just simply forgot or figured I have no more vacation time.  I also usually spend this time bombarding my blogger with Halloween facts, fun and spooky posts.  Not this year.  This is still my favorite time of the year and I guess I will have to make it up next year.  I am not sure if its burn out  or writers block but it just seems like lately I haven’t wanted or needed to blog.  I still lurk and read other people blogs.  I usually read them from my phone which makes it hard to comment.  I am hoping to spit out a few blogs before Halloween.  I just need to get the blogger bug again…lol

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall.  I love this time of year, jeans so you don’t have to shave as much, jackets, Starbucks hot coffee because I am not an addict, Fuzzy  socks, Fuzzy blankets so I can hide under it and avoid housework,  lazy days snuggling with the fuzzy dogs, and seeing the fall colors.  I could do with out the crazy stink bug infestations and lady bug invasion.  Even the dogs don’t want to eat them…lol


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Orange ladybugs are the devils' work! Miss seeing your posts, but understand the whole moving thing. You may miss Halloween, but you still have Dia De Los Muertos on the 2nd of November. The spirit world will forgive lol ;).


Tonja Treece said...

Wow, I just had about the same revelation on my blog! Pretty much how nothing big seems to be going on lately. Just enjoying the fall...& kicking myself for trading Halloween off for Halloween working!

Martina said...

I stopped posting about family issues and realized that I have nothing to post about. lol Now I just post if something funny happens or if I see something I feel like writing about. Maybe you'll get the blogging bug again.

Leeanna Henderson said...

I think you're just overwhelmed from everything happening all at once. Give yourself some credit g/f, you've done very well. Except for the back problems, I think you Rock! Don't worry about the blogging dry spell. I went through it just like everyone else. Things will be normal soon.