Sunday, November 4, 2012

Here Piggy Piggy: get off your ass

So I had done so well …lost 20 pound then was out for my neck/back and gained most of it back.  Then was just too lazy to get off my butt to do anything about it.  Sad part is I even have a gym membership.  But every time I would get ready to go to the gym I made up some excuse to put it off.  Until another month went by.  So after finally getting one size away from my “fat” jeans I decided that I was going to get back in shape if it killed me.   It first started out as weighing with 2 other nurses at work, getting back to the gym and eating right.  I was barely getting anywhere.  My mom on the other hand had lost 12 pounds already. I hadn’t done that well except when I was on Weight watcher, but who the heck can afford to stay on WW?  She then told me about this website that helps you count calories and it’s free.  Yea ok it probably sucks but sure I had to check it out.  The website ran almost parallel to weight watcher and it was free.  The only difference was one was points and this one was counting calories.  You simply put in your weight, activity level and your goal weight and then how many pounds a week you want to lose.  Then it calculates how many calories a day you can have in order to reach your goal.  I have been using it for about 1 week and lost 2 lbs. so I will continue using it.  You can even put in your exercises, like cardio, house cleaning, mowing, etc.  Then it will tell you how many calories you have burned and that get’s added to you daily allowance.  Which pretty much means if you want that pizza hut pizza just exercise a little more to give you more calories for the day.  So I don’t feel like I am keeping myself from the food I love.  The other thing that is great is that when I exercise my ass off I seriously think  hmmm is that chocolate chip cookie worth all that sweat and pain?  Not usually so I choose to eat a healthier snack or maybe just a couple of cookies instead of 4.  Here is the website.
My 10 yr. anniversary will be next year and my goal is to lose enough weight to look great in a swim suit.
So My piggy piggy blogging will continue.



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

We all feel better when the fat jeans are tucked way far back in the closet. Our legs don't ache, the knees have quit hurting too. My feet feel less flat and if my hips would just get in line too I'd be sitting pretty. I've never counted points or calories, just quit the high calorie stuff and jacked up the burning rate-like you said.

Looking forward to seeing progress-especially in light of the approaching holidays with their piles of empty calories and chocolate (migraine-inducing) temptations.

Martina said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I don't have the patience to count calories and such. I did lose weight, but that was due to finally getting my thyroid back under control, so it doesn't really count. lol