Sunday, November 18, 2012

What do we do now??

Yea I have to join the band wagon since it’s everywhere.  This year will be know as the year the Twinkie died.  Don’t get me wrong I love the Twinkie.  I can’t eat it now that I have dieting but it’s part of my childhood.  I remember eating them afterschool and in my school lunch.  The best way to eat them?  Frozen.  Freaking awesome!
The sad part is I never knew these things had the shelf life of forever.  So apparently people are buying these golden cakes up.  To store for later?  To share with grandchildren in years to come?  To enjoy slowly till you run out?  I think not to sell on EBAY duh.  These suckers are going for as much as 60 bucks a box.  Imagine what they will be when they get more scarce?      Who needs stock when you have boxes of Twinkies to sell?
What a sad world we live in.


Martina said...

I'm pretty sure another company will buy the recipe and Twinkies will live on.

Martina said...

Oh and the actual shelf life is 1 month, so the bread man of the house tells me. lol I think Myth Busters tested that as well once.