Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what the hell?

So where did you get your teaching license? Sears? Crackerjack box? Just curious. I mean you would think if a program has been running for a long time, they would know what’s going on right? That they would be somewhat organized and knowledgeable?
Ah No, hell no, more like disorganized and not knowing the ass from a hole in the ground. Here’s my schedule
Mon- 1030 get pt assignments from hospital and start paperwork for clinicals

1-4 class
430-? go back to the hospital and finish pt assignment
At home working on lab values, meds, and more pt assignment worksheets
Tues- clinicals 6am-5pm
Wed Pharmacy 9am-1105
Nursing class-1-4
Thursday- preceptor hours if they every find me one
Friday- work one week of the next
Sat- work one week of the next
Sundays- work 6am- 5pm
So on the rotating days that i don’t work or nights after all this crap i have to squeeze in 2 group projects (and meet to work on), 2 Sims labs, 72 hours preceptor hours, weekly online dimensions quizzes and activities, about every two weeks a test in nursing 222 and finally one nursing care plan. So why do they wait till the last semester to cram it all in? Why don’t they have the preceptors picked out before spring semester, and why the hell couldn’t i have done some of these preceptor hours during Christmas 3 week breaks…or hell let us know in advance about stuff we could work on during break. What is with the emails 10pm emails dealing with whatever is going on the next day. That's not a whole lot of notice. This program is such chaos…but it still has a great pass rate compare to other schools…how the heck? how can i meet with the people in my group if they are on the opposite class and clinical rotations? This program needs to get their head out of their ass

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