Saturday, October 10, 2009

Redneck Texting

I will tell you that first I am not a fan of texting.  Never had it and usually block it from my plan so I don’t get charged for stupid texts.  Hey its call the invention of the telephone…you just talk in it.  Okay Okay i know that in some instances texting is quiet and doesn’t disturb others but anyway…I have finally moved up in the world and got a blk berry.  Which just feeds my internet addiction.   I got it because my instructors are constantly emailing and changing their minds when if comes to meetings and deadlines.  Now I get my emails straight to my phone just in case they change their mind at the last min.  Anyway on to the redneck world…my hubby got a new phone when we upgraded and it has a better signal than what we had.  So my hubby, who goes to bed at 830 most nites, was up until 12 midnight playing with his new phone.  Even called me from the bedroom for me to bring him a beer…great now we have room service?The package that I have with my phone gives us free texting.  So for shits and giggles I sent him one while at work on lunch break…only after the second one I get a message that say F Y this shit sucks just call me… (that was the exact message) well at least it was spelled right my brother in law has issues with spelling.  I know the king of taking pictures of every Efin  nature thing in the world and send it to me via texts pics….yea!  Yup its a flower…and another  But the most amusement he has right now is calling with in the house to ask whatcha doing?  Like he doesn’t call me enough already throughout the day. Sheesh. But to top it all off was when he ask me to ask my sisterinlaw to ask her man to send him that picture of the cougar dragging off some deer.  Why can’t they talk to each other?  Why are we the go to person?  Have they forgot how to use the phone? Pfft!

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