Monday, October 19, 2009

weird redneck doings

okay so I have learn that the rednecks here are entertain with simple things, eat strange things and say weird stuff here goes…
  1. My husband does not like cake…let me say it again does not like cake but his mom will insist on making cake for his birthday every year that never gets eaten….what does he like? Icing…as in tube of it and eating it plain…IMG_2002 So my daughter bought him that tube above..
  2. Leading to my mans next obsession…the color of his poop after eating such an item…or asking others that have eaten blue poop coloring icing…yea just what mejis wants you to ask…is the baby’s poo blue?
  3. Following a comment the next day…i tried to take a pic of the poo with the camera..but the lighting was all wrong.. serious? just the lighting was wrong with that statement? sheesh
  4. What did his sister get him for his birthday? A whole pork loin…hmm meat from your sis…redneck
  5. My crazy redneck lab dog…enjoys cleaning my mans toes…only his toes…and i have seen him chewing on his toe nails…can you say ewww gross!!!
  6. My man has chewed on a milk bone just to aggravate the dog…mmm minty fresh!
  7. Another gift for his birthday…moonshine..yea major redneck border lining into hillbilly
  8. My man also has no problem with a birthday cake like this….IMG_1965 yup he watches SpongeBob…blames the kids..yet they are sometimes at school when he is watching
  9. my hubby finds it funny to throw farts..ask for a hug and then fart…pull the covers over your head..fart…oh yea what entertainment
  10. Also i have learned when he says hey look a raccoon…does not mean its alive…sure Hun lets play identify the dead thing on the side of the road..whoo hee
  11. I have learn also that rednecks cannot take pictures…even if they have the same camera as me…people are never centered, and 12 pictures of the same bird is not exciting…unless its rare…but a sparrow or whatever that bird was…not interesting
  12. When my man want his brother…he will ask me to message mejis and have her tell him…ugh..its called the telephone..or even sadder walk up there…they live right behind us…
  13. Or if his brother is shooting or playing with fireworks…mine has to retaliate with his own gun or fireworks…like he has to one up his that some type of redneck mating dance…bang i have big balls…i am sexier..come mate with me? good grief…anyway that is my redneck man

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