Saturday, July 24, 2010

What were you thinking?

Sometimes people drive me insane.  What the hell are people thinking when they walk out the door.  hmmm what is the dumbest thing I can possible wear out in public?  I use to work for a big retail chain and you would see some of the weirdest people and their outfits.  I know you have seen them….the pj wearers.  Is society getting soo lazy that we are now going to shop in our pj’s ? Even coming in as a family in pj’s.  Then you have the 400lb plus people (no offence to large people since I am no skinny mini) but please stop trying to wear your daughters clothes.  You do not look good in  your boyfriend thinks I’m sexy shirts So working in the ER is another place to wear your pj’s but this girl that came in had her bed room slippers the pink fluffy ones.  Then to match she had on her pinky fluffy ratty bath robe on….good grief.  But besides clothes there’s the awful smell of B.o.  Had a patient state he got dizzy and almost fell in the shower this morning.  So he came here to have things check out.  Thing was he had matted hair that matted all the way down to his long Santa's beard.  The smell was so bad that when he left you could still smell him in the room.  So what did he bathe in a pig pen?  sheesh…

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