Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shot of Reality: Drug, hugs and rugs


Legal drug users,
Learning how to legally get drugs really irks me.  I now see why ER nurses get burnt out fast.  I know that they want to keep the masses happy and their return scores high, but if a someone comes in monthly, weekly or heck daily, doctors its time to cut them off.  It’s amazing just how many people come in for pain.  My  back hurts, my teeth  hurt, my ass hurts.  Demerol, dilaud, and other legal drugs given.  So instead of hooking these people up with drugs I think it’s time for other pain management.  Another thing that irks me is that my tax money pays for all this. $400 a pop for their drug habit?  WTH? What’s even harder is that there are true people in pain that can’t get the help that is needed because nurses assume that they are seekers when they are not. So nurses are rude and sometimes cruel.  I was laughed at because I went to a doctor to tell the that a patient was in pain.  Oh that just so and so she comes in often.  She seemed to be truly in pain.  Was she a good actor or truly a patient? So I really try my hardest not to judge…but when we can look back at your history of visits just a click away it really makes it hard not to be…
Really trying not to judge or get burnt out this early in the game

Accident prone one,
Ah my oldest one that is cursed to be accident prone.  How can you trip over your own feet and make your big toe purple?  I truly worry about your ability to walk…
nursing my child back to health again

Brown dog,
You are not a cat! Please refrain from coughing and gagging in the middle of the night.  Better yet please don’t leave me slimy piles of puke on my rug in the morning either.
Cleaning puke is not my forte

Little Black Horny Dog,
I know you are in heat and yes I really need to get you fixed.  Stop trying to hump all the dogs in the house.  All this has led to is getting peed on by boxer dog and big black dog.  Did you not learn from the 2 baths in 2 days? And brown dog snapping at you and missing and hitting little white dog.  Which now has a nice scratch on nose.  Also little white dog continues to snap at you as you try to walk and mount her…hello she says I am a girl you dumb ass.
Nurse that needs to fix that

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