Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fact or Fiction?

Okay So I have been an ER nurse for almost a year and have seen some really interesting things. Like fake seizure patient Which I thought was an urban legend only to be proven wrong shortly after becoming a nurse. Now the nurses sleeping with the doctors…urban legend. Well at least in my ER. Most of us have to restrain ourselves from trying not to kill one. The ones that are hot looking…know it and flaunt it making them seem hideous. Next I have the KILLERS. You know the ones that come and for “attempted” suicides. Which 80% are just for attention. We had another one…a guy that was a cutter. Cut himself in the leg really deep. Another ER stitched him up. He decided he needed more pain killers and loosen up the stiches. Low and behold good doc was on that night. Whiney wanted pain meds. Doc said don’t want to be in pain…don’t cut yourself. Muahah…take that. He was not a happy camper told the psych doc that the doctor must have just graduated last week. He went home with fresh stiches. But the biggest Urban Legend or so I thought was the object up butts. I really thought it was all made up. Until the patient with the vibrator so far shoved up the hiney that surgery was necessary. The kicker? It was still vibrating and you could hear it with the stethoscope over his abdomen…So now the truth is told

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