Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shot of Reality: I see dumb people

Dear Doctor,
Telling the ward clerk that they should delegate more of their tasks make you look stupid. Last that I remember she is the bottom if the ladder…well besides housekeeping. Next time should she have them stop scrubbing the crapper so she can delegate tasks your too lazy to do?
Sincerely, you need your ass wiped too?

Dear Work,
Great to know that the 8 extra hours I worked last week don’t count for overtime since they are “education” hours. Nice loop hole you have there.
Sincerely, Bite Me

Dear Bitchy and Whiney people
Since everything is being handed to you on a silver platter. I work my ass off everyday I work and my sweat and tears for my pay check pay for your shit. Quit complaining. You get to sit in a free place to live, free food, and popping out babies left and right. Get a job! Baby making isn’t one. I am fed up with your damn excuses. I am also tired of you coming into my ER abusing the Medicare I PAY FOR and tired of hearing about how hard life is and how you need a pill to fix it. You make your own life. If you hate it so bad CHANGE IT.
Brought to you by one that did use the system and FIXED my life.
P.S. stop pointing fingers at everyone around you and own up.

Dear Drama,
Don’t want you or need you in my life. Glad I tossed you to the curb. Can careless that you call only for the water bill. Glad I put you in your place a long time ago. Careless if the world hates me for it. I educated myself and doing things in my life you could never dream of with your junior high “redneck edumacation”.
Sincerely, Finally a Drama free zone and loving it.

Dear little black dog,
I know you love toilet tissue. But for the love of God please quit raiding the bathroom trash for it and night.
Sincerely, Concerned for your well being
P.S your not a cat so stop grooming yourself. Your butt is getting a bit bare.

Dear Exhubby Ex wife family,
Please stop visiting my ER. Your very creepy. And I am pretty content with my ex out of my life.
Sincerely, I have moved on can’t you

Dear New Car,
You were making a clicking noise. I take you to the dealer and then you stop making the effing noise. How dare you make me look like a lunatic.
Sincerely, I know your there
P.S. thanks for clicking again…grrr. You are driving me insane

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