Friday, March 25, 2011

Oink oink: update

Yup its time for an update. Since it’s been too cold, been sick, and keep coming up with excuses why not to work out, I have officially plateaued off. Ugh 16 lbs. is as far as I have gone. Don’t get me wrong I love the way I am looking but to give up McDonalds and all that is evil I just thought this would come off a little better or maybe easier. My goal is to be a total of 30 lbs. lighter before I go to the beach. I did find it funny that someone in the family said “wow you have lost a lot of weight.” Hmm maybe if you visited other people in the family more often you would already be aware of this. (sorry just aggravated that the only time we are called or visited is for money)
Anyway…So I continue my battle of being the big piggy piggy and hope to be a lot smaller before JUNE. I have lost 2 pants sizes cause my butt is smaller. I think its cruel joke that the boobs get smaller and the gut stays the same. That just makes the gut appear bigger in the long run. My hubby who seriously needs education on compliment tells me maybe you can’t use a rolling pin to roll it to the top. Funny…His other “compliments” Look I can fit your butt in one hand, your chipmunk cheeks are gone. Yea…just stick with you look great honey next time. lol

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