Thursday, June 10, 2010

First day in the ER

If your looking for laughter today Sorry to say this isn’t it…
My first day consisted of a 800lb patient. I spent most of the day in there with him. I felt sorry for him. It was hard to understand just how someone can get that large. I don’t want to judge a person without knowing the life that they lived. This patient fell and was lying on the floor for a week before coming in via ambulance. The sister listened to the patient about not calling for help. Finally she called for help it took 2 hours and 20 some EMS crewmembers to get him out the door. The hospital wasn’t equipped to take care of this patient either. The beds weren’t big enough and there was no bedside commode to accommodate this patient. The smell of him was unbearable due to defecation and the urine from lying on the floor, the suffering of this patient due to obesity must be horrific. What kind of family member would not call?
It took 6 people to try to cath this patient…which consisted of using a speculum (used for vaginal exams )to find the penis. The stomach was so large it too 3 to hold it up. The patient was soo worried about the cost of the bill that he wanted to go home. Problem was the EMS refused to take him back due to the man power that they lacked at that time and unsafe house. So who the heck is right here? If they can’t take the patient home and the patient refuses care what the heck? I think that the lap band surgery should be included in Medicare… because no one deserved to be left like this…and this pt was no moocher…actually worked for a living.

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