Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stress, Crying and It's all over

Where have I been..yea I know I have been neglecting my blogger. Been a tad bit stressed. I was getting ready for the boards. For all of you non nurses out there NCLEX boards is a test you have to pass. Even if you graduate from college as a nurse you are still not a nurse. The only way you get to practice as a nurse is take a test that can be as little as 75 questions or as many as 265. It starts out with an easy question and if you get it right the questions get harder. If you get it wrong it goes back down to easier. The goal is to answer so many easy, medium and hard questions. As soon as you do that the test shuts off…you could have done 75, 90 or all of them. Mine shut off at 75. Meaning I did really well or I was soo bad I failed. Then the next day you start looking on the board of nursing to see if you passed. This is a cheat way so that you don’t have to wait for them to send you a notice in the mail (2weeks later). You type in your name and search to see if your in the RN section. I kept finding my LPN license but that was it. Everyone else that had taken the boards the same day already new that they passed. I was devastated. If you don’t see your name one of two things happened…they haven’t posted yours or you failed. There is no you failed until they ship that letter. So I had my breakdown and cried…then I would be positive with the help of friends and then…cry again. I just knew I failed. Those questions were soooo hard. I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do. I knew I would have to retake it but where would I even start? I had already studied once before and it did me no good. I had to take some Tylenol Pm just to sleep that night. I woke up the next morning and told myself I would not start check till late that afternoon. I turn on my cell phone and start checking my emails and see if my man who was out on a bike ride had left me a text message.
i had 3 text messages: Are you up? Did you know your an Rn? I checked.
I was like huh? So I texted my friend back “what are you talking about?” She texted back” I check the site congrats RN” I texted back your kidding…you sure its me there are like 8 people with my same name…or its probably my LPN license. She texted back “duh i know where you live and its not your LPN.” So I ran to the computer and yup there I was…I just stared at that computer in disbelief for a good 5 minutes. Then it hit me!!! I PASSED I PASSED THANK GOD I PASSED…i texted back to her…she just sent back lol see! So now I wanted to tell my man first…i waited a little while and had no idea when he was going to get back from his ride. So the excitement was eating at me and lets just say about 40 people knew before him…lol sorry this was too good of news not to shout it at the top of my lungs…So I am officially and RN…and I start my new job in the ER on Monday! Had my last day at my work this past Friday….YIPEE0ba753f8

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