Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shot of reality: Get a life

Jobs that try to find you on a social network,
For those jobs out there that have nothing better to do than troll facebook, MySpace, twitter or even blogger looking for “employees to catch” get a life. Its called freedom of speech. Taking comments out of context or people status is just immature. If an employee says your place business sucks then maybe it does. We all have a day that just doesn’t go our way. Some of us just aren’t chicken shit to express our feelings out loud. When someone says I had a bad day or a hard day…maybe they did…don’t be so effin sensitive. Its not like they even mentioned their jobs name.
Nurse that I can’t believe got a memo about not mentioning your work on facebook at work
Coworkers that backstab
If you ever turn me in for my status on facebook, hell hath no fury like a pissed off YANKEE bitch…
Nurse that’s all for dosing out vengeance if you mess with my paycheck

Medicare Abusers,
I really wish some of you that come in my ER would get a life. There is no reason you should be in the ER for a sore throat and sniffles. This is ridiculous there should be a law that doesn’t allow you to waste my tax money like that. Those that really need Medicare can’t get it or enough of it and the rest waste it to get free pain medicine for simple aches and pains. Which most of the time the cure is get off your ass! You should be a shame of yourself do you think we don’t know who the frequent flyers are? My opinion? Let make a special section for you where you have to wait 10 hours for us to tell you its called a virus…go home to bed stupid
Nurse that does pay her taxes

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