Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beep Beep Moron

Okay So I have loved my job and I have been here for over 3 months now and its getting easier to know who to ask help from and who not to. Which are hard works and which makes you wonder wtf your a nurse? Okay so we have these nice but annoying monitors in each room. When their vital signs get out of wack an annoying beep beep goes off. Which causes one to put the shut the hell up button since everything seems to make it beep. But if an emergency vital sign shows up the beeping is louder and more intense. So here is the nursing supervisor pushing the shut the hell up button on one that is blinking RED and Screaming a emergency BEEP BEEP. So I ask have you check on the patient??? Um no she replies..(still sitting there)…has anyone else? No i don’t think so…(still sitting there) So I jump up to check on this patient (not mine) Patient not responding, I tried to get a pulse having a hard time, machine screaming pulse of 180, v-tach…so I stick my head out and yell hey i need help in here. No one…i see the doctor…that just come out of the room just in time. He says…um is that 7? He’s fine but did you take the pulse manually? Yea course in my excitement fear or adrenaline. I was unable…lol course I find out this patient has Parkinson and giving the machine a fit. I didn’t notice the tremors under the pile of blankets. Though I don't remember now that her hands were shaking when I checked the pulse. Hey I didn’t mean to over react. But I would rather be safe than sorry like the ass that just kept pushing the shut the hell up button. I felt like an idiot in front of the doctor..until another nurse did the same thing i did…lol o-well.

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