Sunday, September 19, 2010

Monday, Moons & just plain Madness


Well Mondays in an ER are always rough.  I guess those that have a life don’t come in on the weekends to get their fix of the ER.  Mind you we actually had a lot of sick people today there were still a few drug seekers.  At any given time today we had at least 12 people waiting in the waiting room.  Most that were pissed that they couldn’t be seen for their sore throat, viruses or just plain I fell down complaint.  Nothing that really warrants coming into the EMERGENCY room.  Course those that were impatient left and then called the rescue squad to come get them.  Only to find out just because you come in by ambulance does not mean you won’t end up back out in the waiting room.  I can’t seem to get this people to understand that other ambulances are rushing in Trauma patients that were in a car accident and BLEEDING…or actually are having a heart attack.  If there is a patient with an heart attack we pretty much drop all that we are doing and help them.  So they hallway/doorway pace glaring at us while we are busily running back and forth getting the drugs we need to save a life.  Some are bold enough to state hello I have a football game or other NON-sick place to go.  Hello you came to us sorry we can’t bend to your ever living whim. If your so well to go to a football game why the eff are you here? I even had a patient come in that refused to be stuck by a needle.  Um stupid your in the ER how can I run tests to find out why your having chest pain if you don’t let us stick you?   Another came by ambulance and then decided she didn’t want to be at this hospital.  She wanted to be transferred some where else.  Why didn’t she decided that while she was on the ambulance?  You know so they could have taken her straight there. So I have no idea if it was a Monday from hell, the fact the full moon is right around the corner or just the madness of the mean…

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