Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random crazies

Was in Wal-Mart the other day with the kids and this pregnant chick was wearing gaucho (msp) pants and a shirt way to small so it looked like a baby tee plus lovely flip flops….the funnier picture was the guy with her that was wearing a  motorcycle helmet holding her hand IN Wal-Mart…hmm maybe he was embarrassed of her?
Then while I was using the photo maker at the wonderful world of walfart a lady walked up to my oldest and said your an artist I see it in your aura.  She then decided to “predict” their bdays…which were way off and my oldest was happy to point that out to her.  I was trying to ignore her and kind of place the kids on the other side of me.  She continued tell the kids that they need to learn Russian and Japanese not Spanish because they will be ruling the world in the next 10 years.  Um can we say Cuckoo?
Then I had a patient that was having butt problems and the male doctor needed a chaperone.  You know to keep them from patients crying I think he touched me wrong.  He had to do a rectal examine.  When she pulled down her underwear this zippy baggy of weed looking stuff fell out of the crack of her butt.  She giggle and said don’t worry about what you found I was walking and had no where to put it.  The doctor was doing his best not to laugh…me?  I had to turn around because there was no way i could hide my smile…butt weed anyone?
Another patient was pissed because we wouldn’t give her a pair of doctor scrubs because she was on her period and had a dime size blood stain on her jeans.  Which by the way looked like she had rolled down a hill in them.  She was given a pad and explained that we don’t give out scrubs for that reason.  She threatened to sue.  So if I am not on here anymore she won the case.

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