Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deadbeats: sperm donor

Okay so I have decided that I have a Facebook stalking problem. I found out that my ex has a Facebook page. I found it accidently you know that side bar you might know this person. I think that how stalkers are made on Facebook. Lure you in…and then your hooked. Why Do I find myself looking at his page? It’s not that I care . I sure as hell don’t love him. Still makes me puke a little thinking I was ever with him. So why? Is it because I wish his life sucked? Not really I just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to be a part of his kids lives. He can add his girlfriends kids on his kids list but not his own? Did I mention he has been married 2 more times after me. Has another kid he doesn’t pay child support on. And now he is working on the fourth family. Sterilization seriously needs to be reinstated. I thought a few weeks back the pic of him on new Harley was my last straw, especially since he is still 8,000 dollars behind on child support. It still makes me want to scream. WTH? I don’t understand how my brother in law who is disable is forced to pay all of his child support yet mine who is just a lazy piece of poo doesn’t? What judge is this chick paying off? *giggle* And how? But it got worse a few nights ago. Its amazing just how small the world is. She was not a patient so I can mention this and not hurt HIPPA. His ex wife number 2 was in the ER as friend. Told her she looked familiar. Yup she use to take my kids places when he didn’t come get them. My kids have a half sibling out there but I had no way of contacting her after they broke up. Apparently he told her I never wanted her and her kid anywhere near mine. I never said that nor would I ever do that to my kids. Regardless of how much I hate my ex I would never keep my kids from their family. They just choose not to be active in their lives. Apparently the small lump sum of child support I received in June was not disability from the Army. His grandmother left he a huge lump sum of money when she died and he gave a small amount to the kids owed child support. He paid cash for his bike, a Harley. The dumb ass used ex #2 address and the title came to her…lol
She told me she called DMV because supposedly he has no license due to be behind in child support. She tried to get him to sign his rights away. No luck he threatened to kill himself and raised Cain on her mother. I could be so lucky he would take himself out. Her kid wrote him a letter for veterans day and mentioned that he missed her birthday. That she loves him and wishes he would call her again. My kids are pass this point. They have more anger than wondering what they did to drive him away. He likes to lie a lot. Telling her what a bitch I was and he told many of our old friends that I wouldn’t let him see his kids. Hello we have a court order that he get them every other weekend and 4 weeks in the summer. Liar liar…wish you were on fire. GRR
So the good news found my kids sister and I gave her my number so we can get them together. Its been almost 5 years since they have seen her. How sad is that? How can you lie and keep your kids apart? That’s just sick and I hope there is a special hell for him. Its even sadder that I felt bad that he wasn’t working and I wasn’t pushing the issue of child support let alone giving up custody. All because he fought for our country. He still can seem to turn things on me. I believe its time for a lawyer! You have messed with my kids one to many times asshole!

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