Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Duh your a moron

Yep..see that patch there?  I need one. Why do you ask?  Because after going thru the crap of getting into nursing school see ( what's the point) and then sending out all the prayers and finger crossings see (wing and a prayer) and then ranting my head off about the whole thing..going to the dean or the papers (going down in flames) and then finally getting my acceptance letter at the post office and almost having a melt down (prayers answered and receivedI decided to do the stupidest thing you can do as a student.  Forget to pay for the damn classes.  I guess being sick made my brain into mush…that or the fact I laid on the couch most the day awaiting for the man to bring me my meds.  But at 1230…I sat straight up in bed and when CRAP CRAP…my payment for my classes…so in only my underwear I am trying to get my computer to upload and frantically trying to find my letter telling me the due date…course all the blinds are open but in my state of panic I didn’t notice…hope u enjoyed the view.  Anyway no luck on the letter yet so the computer finally uploads hours later..ok mins but it felt like hours.  And  I get on the site, nothing there tell me when its due, but it still shows that I am enrolled for class. I finally find the paper that tells me MONEY DUE MAY 11 @ no later than 5pm…shit!
I try to look at the amount due section on the computer. Sorry but unable to calculate your current balance at the this time.  Please call….okay yup I call at 1245am with a frantic message of please call me ASAP in the am…i want my classes and I can pay now over the phone.
I went to bed in a fit of worry and woke up and began calling the school at 7am.  No luck there are not open till 8am.  Great!  Finally get a hold of someone…yes ma’am your still enrolled.  Someone must have paid. Huh? Okay…I guess i got financial aid..no ma’am…okay.  So I repeat…I don’t owe anything and I am enrolled right?  Course now aggravated that I asked her twice…YES…okay,  So 5 mins later I call the school again and ask for Scholarships dept. Apparently I got a scholarship and it paid for my classes except for books. $610 one. So that saved my stupid ass. DUMB DUMB DUMB ass.  But you know it would have been nice to receive a letter stating that I got a scholarship.  Stupid school…stupid me…thank GOD he was paying attention cause i wasn’t.  Brought to you by a  brainfart !

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