Friday, November 5, 2010

Thrill and Chills of the ER

Wow can’t believe that I have been an ER nurse going on 6 months. I have been so busy that I find it hard to have time to blog like I use to. Some of the interesting things I have seen and learn are..
I saw my first intubation because someone ate peanuts they were allergic to them. Her lips were swelled at first and steroids were given to help with the swelling. I discharged her like the dr instructed but I told her to come back immediately if she had any breathing problems or more swelling. She came back an hour later. Her lips looked like someone had put one of those African lip disk in and her cheeks were swollen like a chipmunk storing nuts in its cheeks. She was scared when we had to tell her that we would have to put a tube down her throat for a precaution to maintain her patent airway. She cried and wanted to talk to her kids. I called her family and let her talk to them on the phone. It’s patients like this that need the comforting of a nurse that makes me love my job.
Finally learn how to hang and give blood. (still need to observed to make
I can hang heart drugs with confidence now.
I have some of the doctors trust and more trust in myself that I don’t have to run to the doctor for every little thing. I am glad some DR’s have noticed that I work my ass of too.
I have seen plenty of stupidity like the gentleman checking his gas level in his lawnmower with his lighter…swoosh 2nd degree burns…and even weirder with mayo on his face to help with the burns…roasted meat with mayo anyone?
I have been on a rotation that has the sitters club. A name given to those nurses that sit on their ass instead of doing their job. I have learn to stay busy enough and avoid helping them. Since they never return the favor.
Its amazing how desperate chronic pain patients can be. Even sadder that most are just drug addicts and those that have issues like chronic shoulder dislocation can’t get any pain meds because they have to learn to live with it? But the ones that have no physical proof that they are having pain can get a shot of morphine and go home with Percocet.
I am learning never to trust how bad the patient is from the EMS report until I have evaluated them…because their supposed 85% O2 sat or bp that’s 210/110 seem to disappear when they get here..
I finally got the guts to stick my first pediatric patient of 2 yrs. old. Did great with the butterfly needle and got my blood sample…I also learned I still need practice on actually putting IV in…still nervous and not well skilled in that department yet.
I have learned that even though some season nurses growl at you they are a untapped resource of useful information if you just listen.
I have also learn not to listen to the gossip and judge coworkers myself. Those that are usually throwing mud seem to be the ones that stink the most.
I have learned I HATE NIGHTS!!!! how the hell people figure out when they are suppose to be awake and when they are suppose to sleep I will never learn. Swing shift sucks even more…
I have been there long enough to be invited out for fun on days off with other staff…making me finally feel like I fit in.
I finally found my nitch…no more long term care this is where I belong now…ER nurse thru and thru. And despite at first getting burned out from the drug addicts and the wasteful use of my tax money, I have finally learned to shug those off and focus on those that really need my help. Those that say thank you and I am so sorry to bother you. Instead of those that yell at you and cuss you.

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