Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Being a nurse you are a custom to death. Especially when you work long term care where most of your pts have come here to die. What makes it hard as a nurse is when you work home health care and have one pt. that your work is centered around. Especially when they are a kid. Taking care of a pt since they were a baby and having them die at the age of 15 makes it feel like you have lost your own child. Even though your not suppose to cross that line of nurse/pt relationship. But spending 40-50hrs a week for 15 yrs makes it hard not to think of them as family. Your suppose to move on to the next case and act like they were never part of your life. How does one do that? Should you go to the families house? Or is that past the nursing relationship? These are the question a relative of mine is facing. How do I help her put the pieces back together?

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