Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Think I am going to talk about that highly addicting game? NOPE


Sorry to disappoint. Tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn I get to travel about 2-3 hours to Radford U and get trained on the Sims patients. What is that? Well if your a fan if Grey’s Anatomy you have already seen something like it. Its a mannequin that looks real, talks and has medical symptoms and issues. In fact you pretty much treat it like a real patient. It can even die on you and you have to perform CPR on it. Fun right? My luck I will be doing CPR tomorrow…lol I guess it can tell me it has chest pain and I have to demonstrate what actions, questions and assessment techniques to use. It sounds interesting…but it still gives me butterflies in my stomach. I hope I remember what the hell I am suppose to do. I know the knowledge is in my head somewhere. So I have to be there at 830am which means I have to be up at the crack of dawn. After 3 hours there I have to go back to college and take my test. Fun fun. This ones is on med administration (not to worried) Legal issues ( not too worried) Ethics, (not too worried) and last Nutrition (extremely worried) I mean hey while she was teaching it I was eating chocolate cookiesbalanceddiet and Mickey D teatea_thumb …healthy? So not really sure if I will do well in that department. So I better get back to studying…nite

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