Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cutting the child in half

King Solomon once was in a predicament of having to cut a child in half because two woman were arguing over a child. What do you do when the parents that were never married fight over one? Who should get the child? Why is it the woman should get the child when I have seen just as many men raising kids? We have a black president now…so things are changing…so why can’t guys get full custody just as easy as woman? Just because she went thru labor that makes it her right?
Being on the other fence of this makes it difficult to support that fathers should have that equal right. My kids don’t see their sperm donor cause he is a low life. Its not that I don’t let him. Because no matter how much i loathe him I would never stand between him and his kids. Why would I want my kids growing up and realizing that I kept them from him. Because usually kids become the wiser and realize the one bad mouthing the parent and not letting them see them was being selfish. Which means they might have the kid for the first 18yrs but after than they may not want anything to do with the mom that shut the dad out.
So what do you tell the dad that wants custody? I don’t think he wants to take away her custody. Just switch week to week or just be allowed to see his kid without all the childish games. The biggest thing is he is tired of this bitch, because she has him jumping through all these hoops. He can’t date anyone or she won’t let him see his child. He isn’t allowed to have his kid over night because he might not hear her cry? Give me a brake. I like to choke the crap out of her.
I don’t understand. He works, doesn’t drink or smoke and wants to be in his kids life. He is a good dad and has never been arrested or in trouble. I think she just enjoys making his life miserable….when it was her that didn’t take the birth control pill in order to try to trap him. So apparently she wanted him in her life…grrr
The sad part is she is in her 20’s and still living with mommy? He at least has his own place…grr
So I am open to all advice..besides beating the crap out of her myself. thth23e4362d-1

Cause I know I would go to jail…and I didn’t go thru all this hell of nursing school to blow it on one stupid little girl

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