Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Conversations: What dat?

So I walked down to my mother in laws to pick up a “mess of corn” (not my wording) anyway the clan of redneck children were there munching on frozen ice pops. Problem was no one got one for my niece. Who was politely longing at everyone's icey. So I got one out for her from the freezer. I tried to let her choose… what i got was a parrot…do you want Blue? bue or do you want red…red and we have yellow…ewwo and she sticks her 2 yr old fingers out…so i said blue it is…excited we went outside…where as to avoid dripping on mammy’s carpet. I figured by the time we were done she would be blue. I preceded to show her how to eat the popsicle which she would lick and it would fall back down in the plastic sheath. Finally she gave up trying to understand how to push it up and turned it up and drank the juice out. The tried to pull out the pop but it must have been really cold. Because she dropped it. And of course…phobe got it. No bebe…I told her it was dirty. Because she was going to reach down and grab it from the grouchy dog….hmmm lets keep the fingers kid. Phobe must have gotten brain freeze from trying to eat it. And step back from it. Beebee eattttt…and she pointed at it…LOL Now she was commanding the little grouchy blk dog. Who was looking at her like who is this little shit and who is she to tell me what to do!
The gang of kids left to bike ride and we made ourselves comfortable on the 2 seater swing. I was watching my little blk dog as we were swing. who dat? phoebe…i said coco no phoebe. Then she started her roll call as her mother calls it. where papaw…i don’t know…home she said. No we are at papaw. were coco? at Trish's i said. what dat? pointing at Dr. pepper…drrpep she said. what dat?…and while we swung she continued to absorb all the answers that i was giving her to her numerous amount of questioning of what dat? All I needed was a giant light and I would feel like I was being grilled. Then she jumped down and commanded becca come on…and we went toward the house. She threw away her trash!!! She definitely doesn’t get that from my brother in laws side of the family…lol then she commanded becca come on…bebe come on…we were on our way back outside. Course It was time to leave…sad part is I think that was the longest conversation that I have had today…Sad isn’t it?

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