Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jealous patients

Learning how to deal with a difficult family member for the first time by my instructor was quite entertaining.

I had this male pt in his early 20's with cellulitus of the leg.

Problem was his girlfriend

She would stand in the way of me trying to assess my pt or give me dirty looks...and i need to assess his leg plum up to his crotch...because that is how far up the swelling was...i was so nervous that i couldn't finish my assessment.

My instructor asked me if i completed my assessment and i had to say no...i explained the situation...that i felt to nervous with his girlfriend hanging over my shoulder making sure i didn't molest her man...so my instructor said come with me...and we stormed in together...and she took the curtain and swung it quickly in front of the girlfriends face before she could even have time to jump up close to the bed..."we'll be done shortly" was all my instructor said...they she pointed have at it...i finished my assessment trying not to snicker behind the curtain.

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