Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It’s official

Okay so i have officially passed my LPN to RN transition class. Which means that I am officially a 2nd year RN nursing student. Yea! So I thought I was going to have the next 2 weeks to enjoy while my kids and in-laws leave for the beach. Imagine it no one on this redneck hill. Peace and quiet…nope I have to make up 45 hours of clinical time since the stupid nursing board said that we don’t have enough hours. So of course the crazy advisor is throwing things at us that we can do to make it up. So I have to go to the mental hospital on the 18th and OB Sims lab on the 11th. Trying to do 16 hours at the free clinic. So cram cram cram before the fall classes. I wish i was rich and could stay home instead of work. lol We were also informed that we have to be flexible. Which means I have a feeling that our clinicals are going to be throw at us at the last moment. Meaning my boss isn’t going to be thrilled. I wished they would have everything down on paper. My work makes the schedule out 2 months in advance. So trying to get off cause of conflicts is hard. I am spending today to myself…well except for the stupid hour and 5 mins I had to spend at one of those annual update meeting for work…whoo hee. Got a free towel. wow…So that is what is up with me.

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