Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mental hospital: nursing school

Okay so we did our orientation at the mental hospital. It was a bit boring…HIPPA this HIPPA that…I found out that I will be doing my clinicals in September. I will either been in one of the Wards or I will get to be in one of the group therapy sessions. Worst would be going to court and having to listen and find out if they can go home or not. Not real interesting to me. I would rather be on the ward. Some would rather do the court. Why? Because they don’t like being in the mental hospital. They don’t like the locked in feeling. Give me a break. Or one…(giggling) actually back up against the wall every time a patient walked by…hmm do they think they will never encounter a mental patient? First of all if your in ER you are really going to see the crazies. I work long term and we get alot of the psychotic patients that don’t get committed. So believe me they are everywhere. We actually have on patient that when I give her meds you actually leave the pills on the bedside table (don’t worry i watch from the door frame) because she will just look at you and you have that feeling like she would grab anything sharp just to stab you with it. Or how about the patient when she over hears you laughing she thinks your plotting something against her and she goes ape crazy. So yes its in most lines of nursing. Time to get over your fears…cause hell aren’t we all just a bit insane?

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