Monday, August 24, 2009

Plastic patients

So on Monday my teacher sent our Simulation via email. So at 9am I found out I had 2 simulation patients. One that was in labor and one that was postpartum. Considering I hadn’t had OB since..oooooh…3yrs ago. I had to cram. But we didn’t do to bad. And the instructor knew how much time we had to study up on it and how long it had been. It was amazing just how realistic the SIM’s patients are. You can actually check the cervix on it. I didn’t do that great with checking. But since I have never done it before…i was okay with it. This wasn’t a grade. Its use to teach you. The instructors are great. They don’t make you feel like an idiot. They actually teach you. I thought the plastic pt. was 5cm dilated only…that was the baby’s head..not the cervix…hehe o-well. Oh yes our patient was a drug seeker to top it off and that she drank and used drugs the entire pregnancy…glad it was fake…though i know there are patients like that. I did an INT on the Sims and did just fine. YEA for me The next patient I had to take lead nurse. That sucked…i kept stumbling over my words and my dag gone patient. Wouldn’t let me to my assessment. She kept detouring to more patient teaching subjects. I am use to patients that pretty much when I say hey I am going to assess you then we will go over any questions that you have..they listen. So I missed something important on my assessment because of it. Another learning lesson. The other student with us did a med error…and a couple of us couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things the dummy (SIMS) would say or come up with…I think some of it was a little of the wall. Which really reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy…SIM Man episode…hehe check it here

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