Wednesday, August 26, 2009

when things go wrong

okay so being a nurse your going to encounter days when things go wrong. Like for instance an admission that alot of medications were missed. Aggravated because it was because someone didn’t complete it correctly. Some nurses jump the gun and start placing the blame. Just fix it. I would still report it. Why? Maybe the nurse was short handed or maybe the orders were a mess. Believe me i have seen some orders from other hospitals that it make me want to scream what the hell? I almost wished for a standardized form so that it would make it easier. You know here is the list of discharge meds, activity, DNR status, diet etc etc. Instead we have to rewrite it if they don’t come from one of our hospitals. And like I said before trying to find all the information can lead to meds being missed. Being shorthanded doesn’t help. If your trying to be the telephone operator,CNA,med nurse, skilled nurse, mother, teacher, and many other jobs rolled into one. Mistakes can happen. In the state of Il they are prosecuting nurses that make med errors. Do you know how easy it is to mess up? I know one day i was passing out meds and was interrupted at least 10 times. That is no exaggeration…between family members asking questions, answering the phone, helping CNA, getting call lights60901b467f7f117830f5b1ddfbc14983b484560c, or many other distractions. You can find yourself thinking where was I now? All it takes is to think I was on this patient..when you weren’t.

But the sad part is most times things go wrong because its just a lazy nurse that didn’t want to do her job. Which in itself is another rant all together. GRRRRR!


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