Friday, August 21, 2009

2 year of nursing

So this is 2nd year of nursing. With only 2 semesters left until graduation. I spent today in orientation wondering how the hell any normal person gets thru this. Finding out that I have Class Monday afternoons followed by 2 hour of being at the hospital (6 to 8pm) to get assignments and going thru the patient’s chart. Then put together a worksheet about them and turn it in the am. Yea a whole lot of time there. I didn’t need sleep. Then clinicals on Tuesday at the hospital. (630-330pm) We are in charge of one patient, which we do everything for, meds, bed baths, bed changes, vital signs. I have pages and pages of crap that has to be done for clinicals. Like every cotton pickin medication the patient is on. Which is usually around 16. So i have to make a drug card for each, what it is, side effects, dosage and many other facts. I have to fill out a paper on each and that’s not including the many hours of homework from my actual classes.Wednesday class again. Found out that most Thursday's will consist of make up clinicals for the LPN’s or other clincals for the fall class. Which each have worksheets that have to be completed and turned in. I have 2 care plans this semester. And if any of you were following me before you know that the one I had over the summer…i invested 33 hours into it. So my books are about 30lbs all together…yes i weighed them, being tugged 14 directions, the teachers are constantly changing clinical dates, not to mention not telling us half the crap we need till the last minute, I am schooling it 4 days a week, working 2 days a week and somewhere in there i have 2 kids and a bigger kid (hubby), a household to run…so do I have enough to keep me busy? What do you think

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