Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alcohol: it's what's for dinner

Well apparently some men cannot live without alcohol.  Of course this family always points to other members in the family because they are the “alcoholics” and the accusers are not.  No matter how much education that I have I apparently have no clue what constitutes as an alcoholic.  So blogger buddies…tell me what you think is an alcoholic?  Because I am at my wits end with this family of drunks.  One hides his booze and think no one knows that he drinks.  The other likes to raid his stash to get drink his alcohol or visits each of the family drunks to get his alcohol because heaven forbid he buy it himself. There’s another who’s girlfriend is at fault that why he drinks even more.  Now mind you she is a drunk too because many of us have had to “stop by” and pick her arse up out of the floor because she got too drunk to stand.  Not that she could walk well in the first place.  But the one that chaps my ass the most.  Is the one that doesn’t drink hard liquor.  He drinks at least 6 beers to 9 a day.  Heaven forbid its his day off because he will start at 10am and not figure out why I get pissed that it’s a little to early don’t ya think?  But what do I know?  I only see the drunks in the ER, the causes of too much alcohol over the years, the wonderful people they end up with because the smart people left their ass a long time ago.  So quit bitching that we might leave you and cheat on you.  We won’t be leaving for that reason. We are going to leave you because you cheated on us with alcohol.  You know the thing you can’t live without.  It’s the first thing on your lips in the morning and the last on you way to bed.  We are tired of the beer breath and that can glued to your hand. Sick of you not remembering conversations from the night before or just being plain mean.  We are fed up with your excuses.  Great it tastes good whoop dee do.  I love brownies but I don’t eat a pan of them every night.

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