Thursday, June 2, 2011

ER Red Flags

Okay so I follow this great blog called emergency-room-nurse  who wrote her red flags.  I feel that she missed a few and I wanted to add my red flags…any other nurses out there that can add some feel free.  Please click on that site to see the original RED FLAGS IN THE ER.
Red flags in the ER:
1) You are allergic to Tylenol , Motrin, Ultram, Ultracet, Toradol and pretty much any non narcotic drugs.
2) You tell the nurse you have a diagnosis of pseudo seizures  which if you were smart enough would realize that means false seizures or to us a big seizure faker.
3.)  You have had this issue for a year and just now at 3am decided to visit the ER
4) We saw your brother yesterday for Opioid withdrawal and you share the same address.  (hmm did your supplier get busted?)
5) You bring your own bag lunch
6) You ask or tell me that we don’t need to run a drug screen on you.
7) We run a drug screen and you tell us someone must have spiked your drink
8) Because of the 1000 times you have been  to the ER it causes my computer to take 10 mins to pull it all up or it just crashes from the stress.
9)  The ER nurse knows you by face and can put your name and birthday and most of your history without you even talking.
10) You tell me how the last 2 other ERs that you have been to for this problem don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground.
11) You know my name without looking at my name badge.
12)  You request your meds by name.  I can’t take Zofran because it doesn’t work but 25mg of Phenergan works…or hmm I don’t like Toradol makes me feel funny.  Last time I was here 2mg of Dilaudid worked real well.

13) Your relatives or friends are in rooms 12 and 13.

14) You tell us you’re a 10 on the pain scale but your texting and talking on the phone
15) And last but not least…you tell me you refuse to see these list of doctors because they don’t ever do anything for you.
So that is my red flags if you come into my ER

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