Saturday, June 11, 2011

Woofstock: 2011

Spending the Weekend out with the dogs is great fun for friends, family and of course the dogs. There are plenty of activities for the dogs and their masters. There was the dock dog competition, which is where the dogs run and jump into water and are measured how far they jump. 242241_2102736363078_1085529767_2685578_1410400_o It was a great for the dogs on this hot day. They also had sheep herding demonstrations. I think the kids liked that the most. 255931_2102723882766_1085529767_2685550_3597756_o There were tents set ups for dog products and services. Dog sitter services, grave site markers, tee-shirts and treats of all kinds. Not to mention horse painting where you can actually finger paint on a horse. The there was plenty of food to eat for the humans…lol The best for me was that I was able to get my schnauzer microchiped for 20 bucks just in case he ever gets lost. This usually is 30-40 bucks. It is a microchip they place under the skin that can be detected at vets and animal shelters. That way they can get information to let you know they found your dog. There was also a fly ball competition and a pet parade. We did the pet parade. We didn’t place in any of the competition classes but we did get in the paper. Well the dog did…and my leg. So I guess my leg is famous now….hehehe
258135_2102726442830_1085529767_2685555_7751267_o My baby with his bandana on.

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